Glass Nail Files Wholesale by Mont Bleu

Glass nail files wholesale from producer Mont Bleu. Made from Czech tempered glass.

About glass nail files

Glass nail files have a relatively long history, taking first step in Switzerland about 50 years ago, taking the next step in late 90-s. Right now original glass nail files are produced only in Czech Republic. Why? Because of the Czech made glass qualities, which can guaranty you below specified characteristics:

 Everlasting – our glass nail files have a lifetime guaranty on the abrasive surface.
 Hygiene – glass nail files are hygienic and exclude moisture absorption. Disinfection with usual methods, boiling or sterilizing in autoclaves are possible; it is very important for professional use and for avoiding the transmission of infection among clients.

 Resistance – multiple hardening of the bulk material (glass) is achieved through usage of ionic exchange component. This guarantees that the glass nail file will not crack at standard application. The nail file may possible break while stricken upon a solid surface (concrete, stone or ceramic sideways).

 Durability – glass nail files are very durable when used for the treatment of nails owing to the properties of the bulk material and its actually unlimited strengthening.
 Safety – ends of the glass nail files are blunt thus reducing the possibility of wounding.

 Multifunctional performance – besides the treatment of nails, the nail files may be used for removing the consolidated skin around the heels and nails. The best way is to initially soften the skin by submersion and removal of the hardened skin with the help of the appropriate instrument and then to treat with the glass nail file (for this purpose, 195mm glass nail files are used). Also, the glass nail file may be used for treating the clutches of your pet.

 A gift – glass nail files can be used as a gift, jeweled with Swarovski crystals or hand painted glass nail files, they look great. Gift boxes can only make them more special.
 A promotional tool – glass nail files decorated with company logo can be used as a promotional action or a privet label product.

 A souvenir – glass nail files can be country flags colored, decorated with emblem or cities sights.

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