Glass Nail Files Wholesale by Mont Bleu

Glass nail files wholesale from producer Mont Bleu. Made from Czech tempered glass.

Color glass nail files wholesale

The most popular, the top seller, the best solution for crafters, yes it’s the color glass nail file.

Available in one or two color variations (also called Rainbow), these glass nail files can bring literally all colors of the rainbow to your assortment.

The color of the file can resists more than 300 C° (572 F°), so unless you want to test it in laboratory conditions, you can be sure off that nothing will happen to it. The surface of the glass nail files has a lifetime guaranty too, so with careful use after years of using on daily basis your glass nail file will be good as new.
For extra protection color, as well as other types, glass nail files supplied in plastic or velvet pouches.

Like hand painted, Swarovski and promotional, color glass nail files are available at wholesale prices from us. Contact us now and get a special price (which we might have right now):

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