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Glass nail files wholesale from producer Mont Bleu. Made from Czech tempered glass.

Glass Foot File to remove callus

Glass foot file to remove callus and hard skin from your feet and toes

Callus Remover made from glass is the most safe and gentle scarping tool. Two sided callus remover allows you first to remover corns and calluses, and also to smooth the skin.

Use of callus remover becomes so simple it takes only four steps to get rid of annoying hard skin.

Before those steps put your feet in warm soapy water.

First use the rub your heel with the harder surface to remove dead cells or calluses, once you finished use the sleek surface to smooth your skin. Repeat same steps on your other feet.

If you had hard skin or callus on your toes, you can also use glass scarper to remove impurities. And be sure gentle and smooth surface won’t make any damage to your gentle toe skin.

After use do not forget to rinse your glass foot file with warm water.

Where to buy?

You can buy callus remover from our e-shop, to get them wholesale just leave us a message by email or the contact us form below.