Glass Nail Files Wholesale by Mont Bleu

Glass nail files wholesale from producer Mont Bleu. Made from Czech tempered glass.

Hand painted glass nail files

 Hand painting can add home-felt or human felling to glass nail files, because when you see a picture made by human hand, you can imagine how an artist was sitting and making the motif by his or her hand with a brush. The range of options includes classical, modern and abstract pictures. We have several artists who have their own special way of hand painting, description of which you can read below:

 Hand painting - a method of artistic design aimed at creating a unique and original portion of art on each glass nail file. Variety of pictures and flowers is virtually unlimited.
 Hand painting and crystals - artistic painted design combined with hand decorated Swarovski crystals makes a hand painted glass nail file more attractive for potential customers.
 Africa - motives inspired by a continent with its unique history and culture. Our artist visited Africa several times in different seasons.
 Designer's Hand Painting - inspired by nature, hand work of artist. Hand painting on glass nail files never been more unique.
 Rococo - combined method of hand painting and gold painting. These glass nail files represent the very true spirit of Bohemian hand painting art on glassware and crystal.
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