Glass Nail Files Wholesale by Mont Bleu

Glass nail files wholesale from producer Mont Bleu. Made from Czech tempered glass.

Glass nail files wholesale by Mont Bleu

 Mont Bleu offers glass nail files wholesale. We have special discounts and packages for wholesalers around the world. Our glass nail files assortment for wholesalers:
-    Clear glass nail files wholesale
-    Color glass nail files wholesale
-    Hand painted glass nail files wholesale
-    Sandblasted (etched or engraved) glass nail files wholesale
-    Glass nail files with Swarovski crystals wholesale
-    Promotional (logo or branded) glass nail files wholesale
-    Special display stands for glass nail files
 We stock most of our best selling assortment, so we can ship out to almost each wholesaler in three days. We have different ways of shipping the items to all five continents, from which you can choose depending on the cost and time when you need the order.

 Our quality Czech made glass nail files, wide assortment and, what is not common for other suppliers, internet marketing support will help you enter and secure a footing in the market of glass nail files at wholesale prices, be competitive and successful. Of course most of the job wholesaler will be dong on his own, but with our help it can be easier.
Glass nail files wholesale from Mont Bleu, for more information and pricing please contact us:

Mont Bleu Ltd
Rostislavova 17, Prague, 14000, Czech Republic
Tel/Fax: + 420 241 405 918